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About Me


My Background

I'm a Nebraska based artist who's original art has graced the walls of corporate, government and private collectors alike. Working in a realistic style, I have translated both my own visions and that of my clients into works that inspire conversation, instill pride, encourage inner thought, ignite the imagination and sometimes simply create a serenity of place.


My Style and Medium

Traditional Realism is the style of painting that I am most passionate about and within which I work.  I have studied and researched the methods of oil painting which the old masters used.  The use of successive layers of paint, each with more oil content, gives a painting depth that I think is unsurpassed in any 2D medium. I've incorporated these techniques within my work.  In addition, to make my work more durable for exhibition and purchase, I again use a tried and true method of painting on primed, wood panels. Finally, I finish my work with a protective layer of retouch varnish, which brings the pigments back to their original brilliant color.


My Inspiration

My inspiration for my art comes from many places: my own journey through life; the awe-inspiring beauty of nature; my personal spirituality; suggestions from family and friends; and even my sense of humor. Some artists that have had an influence on my style and genre, and those that I admire most, are: Norman Rockwell, Alphonse Mucha, Adolphe Bouguereau,  to name a few. You can see the influences of these “all star” artists in much of my work.

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Teri Rosario Fine Art

Omaha, Nebraska 68135, United States